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If nothing is going right - go left!

As well as an active performance life (solo piano, in chamber music, as accompanist), I have always appreciated the work with other musicians - preparing performances, finding ways through stage fright, finding ways past unnecessary, but very real, stress pains, tendonitis and tennis elbow (or worse), releasing creative blocks - the work is multifarious, and always rewarding and fulfilling. Professional musicians have the best job in the world, but often there are problems and hindrances - the first thing needing doing is to address them, to try something new. In a long life with the most diverse musicians, I have always found confirmed, what I learnt from the great Kato Havas - there is no problem in music, which     can´t be solved - there is help for everybody.

I do piano teaching for professionals and piano teachers, coaching and performance training, piano as a second instrument, piano accompaniment and/or coaching for singers and other instrumentalists, bodywork/Alexander Technique/Kato Havas NewApproach /Spiraldynamik, the ideas on tension and release in piano playing by Feuchtwanger or Feldenkreis; also help with Composition, Harmony, Ear Training, Improvisation - Deutsch oder English.

Just ring or use the contact form/mail for a first session/einfach für eine Probestunde anrufen, mailen oder über Kontakt schreiben.

"Musik und  Liebe sind wie Zwillingsschwester. Ähnlich dem Feuer dringen beide bis in den Kern unseres Wesens" Like two twins, music and love burn like fire into the very core of our being .    (Fritz Kreisler - quoted by Yehudi Menschen)



Einstein sagte

Probleme kann man niemals mit derselben Denkweise lösen, durch die sie entstanden sind.


you can't solve problems, with the same thinking, that got you in there, in the first place.


Albert Einstein  1879 - 1955  Physiker - und Musiker

music calls us to, shock of the new, a sense of humor, new look, the way is the goal, no rules, the absolute now....



einstein again - life is like a bicycle, in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.